PSS Maritime Services — our reliable ship chandler and marine supply store

Ferry Bocas has been in the marine transportation business for over 30 years now. We run a complex business full of intricacies where people, government institutions, and entire townships depend on us. We have been supplying the archipelago of Bocas del Toro with every vital and non-vital matter for decades. Our fleet has constant requirements in engine parts and liquids, cabin, navigational tools and materials, provisions, and daily supplies for crew members. Supplying our small but effective fleet can be a handful, but fortunately, we have our long-term partner by our side: PSS Maritime Services has been a major ship chandler for Ferry Bocas for over 5 years now.

PSS Services operations

We’re their proud partner, and therefore this article is to declare it here. 

PSS Maritime Services has been in business for over 15 years. Well, perhaps as an established company it’s a little less than that, but as a set of individuals who chose maritime supply as their career: it has been a long time. 

Being a sophisticated, energetic, and trustworthy team is just a top of their virtues. 

It serves us well that their representation and an office in the European continent makes it a lot easier to supply us with the ship’s spare parts: our fleet is mostly built in Russia and we’re in constant requirement of supplies from that part of the world.

Whether we need the supplies to be delivered on board or in the port of Almirante, we get with no problem: PSS has both transit and port delivery of goods. 

PSS Services warehouse

It’s not an issue even with the most uncommon requests: the PSS Services team deals with our waste management and when we have a vessel over the docks at the Panama Canal area (600 km from our “Hub” in Bocas), they will be there to store and deliver spare parts for us in this part of Panama. 

This article is nothing more, but a recommendation of a good friend. But if you happen to find yourself looking for a solid supplier and a strong player in ship chandler in Panama, don’t hesitate to turn to them: